Dear Students,

As you all aware, that the current prevailing situation does not allow us to conduct the degree programs physically at University premises. Therefore UGC is promoting LMS activities to minimize the delays in degree programs that has already been occurred due to this unexpected situation in the country. Accordingly, the most of the lecturer/s have started uploading materials for you to continue the studies. We have registered you for each course of the respective faculty and the year in LMS and you should be able to access our LMS by now.  If anyone is complaining that he/she cannot access please aware them to call/message Mr. Chaminda Herath (0718202620) or drop him a mail ( to rectify the problem.

Please be aware that we have two versions of LMS (Old and New). The New LMS ( is having some advantages. Foremost is the improved communication facilities (you will receive an e-mail notifying the changes done by the course coordinator/teacher time to time). However, we are experiencing a bug in the new LMS and some materials or courses may not be visualized/accessed correctly or it may visualize for some logins only. Therefore we created a link for you to access the Old LMS ( to find whether the same course and teaching materials are found in it. Similarly Old LMS is having a link to New LMS to toggle between two LMS and you will find the link below. Most of the Lecturers will upload the materials and maintain the courses on both LMS. I hope you will enjoy free data and free education during this period and continue your course work successfully.

If you are experiencing any serious issue regarding LMS please drop me a mail to

Wish you all the best.

Dr. WJSK Weerakkody

Director / ICT Centre

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  • Dear Student
    Dear Student, We have completed 5 weeks of Online learning and Teaching (L&T) by the Faculty. We would be happy to know your feedback on the LMS based academic programme  and please share your experience with us about  the current system of academic activities for further improvement of the programme of L&T for the best use of students. Please give your humble response to the questions in all sections. 
    Thank you very much

    L & T Committee/FLFN

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